Here is a list of some of the more important torque figures that you need in order to tighten up your nuts and bolts to the recommended settings, as per the VW manual…

Engine torque figures (Type 1)

Part / Nut / Bolt Torque setting in ft/lbs
Clutch to Flywheel Bolts 18
Connecting rod bolts 24
Crankcase nuts (8mm) 14
Crankcase nuts (10mm) 22
Crankcase Nuts (12mm) 25
Crankshaft pulley nut 33
Cylinder head nuts (8mm) 18
Cylinder head nuts (10mm) 23
Engine to gearbox nuts 22
Fan Nut 43
Flywheel gland nut 253
Generator Pulley Nuts 43
Oil drain plug 33
Oil pump nuts 14
Oil strainer cover nuts 5
Rocker shaft nuts 14 – 18
Spark Plugs 22 – 29

Type 1 Torsion bar suspension/steering torque figures

Part / Nut / Bolt Torque setting in ft/lbs
Front shock absorber bolt on side plate 24
Front shock absorber nut on side plate 14
Front shock absorber nut on lower torsion arm 24
Link pin clamping screw to torsion arm 32
Rear bearing retainer screws 43
Rear hub nut / Axle shaft nut 217
Spring plate bolts/nuts 72
Steering ball-joint nuts (10mm) 33
Steering ball-joint nuts (12mm) 38
Steering ball-joint nuts with split pin 22
Steering column holding bolts 7
Steering column tube clamp screws 7
Steering damper nut on tie-rod 18
Steering damper screw on axle tube 31
Steering wheel nut 36
Torsion bar grub screw and locknut 33
Wheel bearing inner nut 29
Wheel bearing lock nut 50
Wheel bearing clamp nut socket screw 9

Type 1 Macpherson strut suspension torque figures

Part / Nut / Bolt Torque setting in ft/lbs
Drop arm steering gear nut 72
Frame head to body bolts 25
Front wheel bearing clamp nut screw (max) 10
Steering damper to frame head bolt 43
Steering damper to drop arm bolt 29-32
Steering gear to body bolts 29
Steering knuckle and ball-joint to strut bolts 29
Steering tie-rod joint nuts 22
Strut upper bearing nut 51-61
Strut to body nuts 14
Stabiliser to track control arm nut 22
Stabiliser clip to frame head bolt 14
Track control arm to frame head nut 29
Track control arm to ball-joint nut 29

Type 2 (Bay Window) suspension torque figures

Part / Nut / Bolt Torque setting in ft/lbs
Wheel Bolts 94
Wheel Nuts 101
Front axle mounting bolts to frame 65-90
Steering damper to axle tube 29-32
Steering ball-joint to knuckle 72
Stabiliser to torsion arm 25-36
Tie-rod to steering knuckle 22
Shock absorber to torsion arm 18-25
Shock absorber to side plate 36
Drop arm to sector shaft – slotted nut 58-80
Tie-rod clamp bolt 11-14
Drag link to drop arm* 14-22
Drag link to swing lever* 29-22
Drag link clamp 11-14
Back plate to steering knuckle 36-43
Steering gear to side member 25-36
Diagonal arm to rear wheel bearing housing 94
Diagonal arm to frame 58
Spring plate bearing cover 32
Steering wheel/column nut 36
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