Let’s take a look at the most colourful brochure Volkswagen ever produced for its full-time fun machine…

You can’t help noticing how alike all today’s car sales brochures look. Sure, they may be very professional pieces of design, with breathtaking photography and appetite-whetting prose, but how many times do you have to see images of cars driven by Hollywood-perfect families storming Alpine passes, or parked before a Mediterranean sunset, before you begin to tire of it all?

Volkswagen built a solid reputation for its extremely classy sales brochures in the 1950s with stylised Reuters artwork. It followed these in the ’60s with the much-loved factual (some may even say ‘slick’) offerings that appeared to denigrate its products, rather than hype them. But for us, it’s the crazy, almost psychedelic publications of the 1970s we love most.

Take a look at this 1973 brochure for the VW Thing (a.k.a. Trekker / Type 181/182 depending on market). With fantastic artwork and bold use of colour, it’s probably the most eye-popping sales brochure VW ever produced, selling a carefree lifestyle in a way that is unique to its period.

As the old saying goes, whatever they’re smoking, we’ll have some of that!

Check out the options list below…
Sporty wood rim wheels, shifters and a centre console. Things you associate more with  a GTV or GSR than a Trekker. Dig that frilly bikini top though!