Time for another fab weekend at the Pod

Billed as the UK’s longest running VW festival, this show has become my favourite reason for heading to Santa Pod. Yes, there are many wild and wonderful shows held at the home of UK drag racing throughout the year, but I’m not big of going fast, which is why I got into Volkwagens in the first place.

But, and it is a big but, the chilled out vibe and no worries atmosphere makes this my favourite reason to head to this former WW2 bomber airfield. Even though I don’t give two hoots about drag racing, sitting on the grass bank with a few beers and your chums is as good a way as any to while away the hours. When you tire of that, you can then wander down and peruse the rust ’n’ prime, show ’n’ shine displays that are held respectively on the Saturday and Sunday.

There’s always a good number of cars that you’ve never seen before and it’s a great place to draw some inspiration for your own project. The show doesn’t begin and end on the concrete hard standings. Venture into the campsite and club areas and you’ll find all manner of weird and wonderful types. And that’s just the owners enjoying a BBQ and bevy.

As the sky begins to bruise and the night time looms, you’ll begin to spot people walking around in all manner of costume and get-up. Fancy dress themes are always a big part of this show, but you don’t have to dress like a loon to enjoy the music tents and acts on offer throughout the weekend.

Like I say, I love it and will be back for more in 2018.