We head to Staffordshire as the show season comes out of hibernation

As the first VW show of the year Dub Freeze is always something we look forward to. After a winter of zero car action, it’s the chance to look at something other than what’s in your own garage, buy some parts and catch up with your buddies.

Come the morning of the show (it’s always on a cold and miserable Sunday, hence the name) I always wonder why the heck I didn’t stay in bed. Until that is, I catch up with the first of many VWs heading towards the show ground and join the queue to the parking area.

Once again, I had to park in the field over the road. I need to get up earlier or camp the night before if I want to park on site I guess. Still, the longer walk afforded me with the opportunity to check out more cars, and I was ready for a warming cup of tea once I arrived at the main entrance.

From my point of view, and a great many others, it was a much quieter show this year. You could get to the stalls easier and there were fewer traders generally. Where did all the autojumble go from the other hall? And the show cars? I know from experience how hard it is to put on a show, so I’m not knocking the organisers. They can only display what people bring to display, so it would be great to see less Lupos and more air-cooleds next year. I’m also hoping the traders and autojumblers get back behind this event as I’d truly hate to see it disappear from the show calendar.

I’ll definitely be back for more in 2019, can you say the same?