The best VW show of the 2017 calendar and a total patina fest

The last time I wrote about this one day show I said it was my favourite gathering of the year, so has it really been three years since I put finger to keyboard and wrote about the DTA end of season meet? Well, yeah it would appear so, because checking my diary reveals the last time I headed over to the Old James Cond Print Works in the heart of Birmingham, was back in the good ol’ days of 2014. Organised by the DTA VW Club, the venue was / is a massive part of what makes this show so cool, and it was only ever intended to be a one shot deal, as the place was supposedly going to be demolished after the first get together. Happily for all concerned, that never happened and so the second End of Season meet at the print works was held in October of last year. Like all the best shows, it feels like there’s no organisation behind it. You just rock up and park up on a first come first served basis. But that’s to do the entire DTA crew a huge disservice, because a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Trophies are organised, cars come from all over the UK and Europe and the whole day runs like a well oiled and highly chilled out machine. It’s how all VW shows should be done.

There’s always a ton of super cool air-cooled VWs and Porsches to ogle at. Patina is most definitely the main theme, but that’s just how this show rolls. True enough, there was a good smattering of shiny, restored Bugs and Buses but OG paint ruled the day. As did Martin Hobé’s slammed SP2 and Steve Lawrie’s Karmann Cabriolet, which were just two of the very deserved trophy winners. One of the highlights of 2017, we hope for more in 2018.