Piers, beers and Buses by a pebbly beach. It can only mean one thing, the SSVC’s annual shindig in Brighton

When you’ve been attending VW shows as long as we have, it can feel like you’re on a continuous loop. Visiting the same places and seeing the same ol’ faces and vehicles year in, year out.

And yet, that sort of familiarity can also be quite comforting as you always know exactly what to expect. And so it goes for the Brighton Breeze. I’ve been going to this show for so many years that I can’t even remember how many I’ve been to, or which one was my first, but it’s one of the highlights of the show calendar for me for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I love Brighton. To my mind it feels like someone has magiced a bit of London to the south coast. With loads of cool shops to explore, places to eat and pubs to drink in you can while away many hour in the Lanes when you’re finally done with exploring the seafront.

Secondly, it’s always chock full of VW’s finest and there are rows of Buses, interspersed with the odd Beetle, Ghia and old Porsche stretching as far as the eye can see right the way along Madeira Drive. It can take hours to see them all, and still they keep coming throughout the day.

The only thing you can’t guarantee is the weather, so remember your coat and you’ll be set for a fabulous day beside the seaside in the company of hundreds of VW Buses. Keep your eyes peeled for the dates for next year’s Breeze and we’ll no-doubt see you there. We wouldn’t miss it. Brighton (Breeze) rocks.