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This is VWt Magazine!

We’re about the lifestyle, the Vans, the people, the shows, the products and the pleasure that they bring as a collective experience. They say that there’s no point trying to blend in when you’re born to stand out, and that’s exactly what VWt has come to embody. Not merely a builder’s Van, the Transporter has morphed over the years to become a bespoke, beautiful and buoyant modified vehicle, one of VW’s finest creations if you ask us. No longer is it simply the reserve of your local white Van man, for many it has become the ultimate multi-purpose vehicle. Whether you want a 400+bhp GTi worrier, the perfect family Campervan, or the lowest, ground scrapping air ride show stopper, the diverse range of T4 – T6 base vehicles have you covered.

Personally, I own a T4 Karmann Gypsy, which covers plenty of roadtrip miles throughout the summer months. I love nothing more than spending a weekend at a VW event with like-minded Van-fans – something I’ve been doing more than 20 years, whilst providing material for VW mags around the globe. Now i’m at helm of VWt, it’s full steam ahead to make sure that you get to read the very best Tramsporter-related material available on the market today!

As the overwhelming success and popularity of the current crop of water-cooled Vans have taken a hold upon the VW scene, the scale of products, parts, knowledge and converters has grown almost beyond all expectation. Yeah, we already knew they were good, but we had no idea that they were set to be quite this popular.

It doesn’t matter if you want a comfortable family cruiser, something to smash a B-road blast, an off road swamper, or a four berth Van with a shower, toilet and all of the trimmings in the back, we’re sure to have encountered it along the way, and it will have appeared in VWt.

So, don’t conform to the norm – get a Van, start your adventure, sleep under the stars and spend more time outdoors with your family and friends. Trust us, you won’t regret it. If you’ve got a potential feature Van that needs to appear in VWt Mag, drop me a line – and check us out on Facebook  ( and Instagram  (#vwtmag    #vwtmagazine)

Cheers, take it steady, have fun and don’t forget to be a part of it.

Paul Knight

Editor – VWt Mag