The August 2020 issue of VW Camper&Bus magazine goes on sale Friday 10 July, so make sure to grab yourself a copy.

You can get it in all the usual shops, or better still, buy it online by taking us up on one of the following offers (you won’t pay any more than in the shops and it’s delivered to your door!).

Whatever you do, don’t miss it! The current issue is packed with fun and fab features, including the following:

’63 Bus with Eriba caravan

This is the perfect solution if you own a classic VW truck and want to go camping – and this US Split Screen Double Cab Pick-Up with restored Eriba Puck in tow is one stunning combo.

Bay for today

If you’ve hankered after a Bay Window Bus but want all the modern conveniences of a newer van, then take a lead from Karen and Chris Woolsey. They’ve had their ’69 Dormobile future-proofed by giving it a full bare metal restoration, a host of mechanical tweaks and a unique, custom interior so it’s even got hot running water and a heater. Oh, and it’s now scooted along by a 2007cc, 120bhp engine so it can keep up with motorway traffic!

Check out this cool, family-owned T25

When the restoration of an early VW Camper hit the buffers, a fully kitted out Type 25 took on the role of family camper. We reckon it’s the perfect mix of old and new, and we think you’ll agree.

Play the generation game

Did you know the VW Transporter has been going for seven decades? Well it has, and here’s a timely reminder of all the different eras. Now, which one would you choose?

Be inspired by a European road trip to remember

Last year reader Brian Larking converted his T5.1 then took his family on an epic adventure across Europe. Okay, so things have been a bit tricky this year, but his story will get you itching to plan your own continental trip very soon.

Bag the best Splittie

If you’ve ever had a goal of one day owning a pre-’67 Bus, then now might be the time to take the plunge. But before you go for it and buy a ‘Splittie’, be sure to read our expert buying guide first.

Give us a hitch

A towbar will add instant extra flexibility to your Bus – and here’s a set of step-by-step instructions to enable you to do it in a weekend.

Stove the crows!

Camping stoves take quite a hammering, so maybe yours is due for replacement in 2020. If so, check out the selection in our special stove review.

What’s cooking?

How to make tasty campsite grub with the minimum of hassle – or expertise. This month we’re cooking up a tasty Spanish omelette.

Holdsworth history unravelled

The history, and a lot of fascinating facts, about the van conversion company that was responsible for the Villa and various other quality campers.

Back in time

What was the first T25 really like to drive when new? Well, our correspondent did it with a Devon in 1982 and can tell you first hand!