Like the rest of the world, through the lockdown period we found ourselves using social media a little more often than usual, so thought it only fair to share three of our favourite Facebook groups of late…

First up is the UK Cal Look Register, run by Martin Greaves. Martin and co. will be gathering a collection of the best UK ’Lookers to display at The VolksWorld Show in 2022, but you can get a sneak preview by looking ’em up on Facebook.

Next up is Danny Allen’s UK Air-Cooled VW Drag Racing History page, which includes some awesome pictures of classic British race cars and is populated by plenty of well-known ‘faces’ from the scene. It’s a great place to lose a few hours reminiscing about those hazy Santa Pod summer weekenders!

Lastly, for now, VolksWorld contributor, Mark Walker, runs the Vintage Style Baja Bug Pics page, which has really taken off recently. If old Bugeye Bajas are your thing, you’ll love this page!

And be sure to find us on Facebook, too!

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