Wolfsburg canteen replaces legendary pork currywurst with environmentally sound vegetarian alternative…

In an effort to move with the increasingly environmentally conscious times, VW CEO Herbert Diess deemed that the best-selling pork sausage is carbon-intensive, and that – for the Wolfsburg canteen, at least – the much-beloved Passatwurst should be entirely replaced with its plant-based vegan alternative, which has been available in all VW canteens since 2010.

Volkswagen has been producing the sausage in-house at its Wolfsburg plant since 1973 and in recent years has produced more sausages than cars, with over 7 million of the spicy pork products emerging from the factory in its HQ in 2019 alone.

The tasty item is so entrenched in company folklore that it has its own official VW part number (Originalteil – or “original part” – 199 398 500 A officially refers to a pack of five sausages) and is served in the company’s numerous restaurants and cafeterias, as well as in supermarkets and at football stadiums. Volkswagen even developed a special ketchup (Originalteil 199 398 500 B) to accompany the sausage, which is something every VW fan should taste at some point in their lives!

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UK fans can order genuine VW currywurst/ketchup via www.sausageman.co.uk

Further info here: https://sausageman.co.uk/vw-volkswagen-currywurst-as-presented-by-richard-hammond