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The September 2020 issue of VW Camper&Bus goes on sale Friday 7 August and it’s packed with exciting features, including…

Quality control

You’d find it difficult to beat the fit and finish of this beautiful ’71 Westfalia. Having purchased it unseen from the US, Ian Dyer’s bought it back to ‘as new’ condition, then made it even better!

Generation game

How the owner of these two Split Screen Buses inherited a love of all things VW then shared it over subsequent generations of the same family.

Got wood?

What made this T6 even more special was the one-off real wood interior and the clever addition of some neat retro touches.

One for the road

You wouldn’t believe the work that’s gone into making this actually quite stock looking ’65 Sundial just so different from your standard Split.

First T5

About to take the plunge and buy your first T5 Camper? Well, if you are – be sure to read the story of how this first timer did just that, converted his Van himself to make it just how he wanted, and now enjoys weekends away whenever he can.

Buying a T4

If you want classic, but need some of the durability and mod cons of a newer Camper – then consider a T4. We’ll tell you how to sort the diamonds from the duffers.


Our step-by-step practical guide on how to make your VW Camper or Bus much quieter.

Hold fire!

If the worst happens, you’ll be grateful that you fitted that automatic fire extinguisher. Here’s how to do it…

What T25 engine?

Our thoughts and opinions on the factory-fitted T25 engines.

Electric MTBs

Fancy adding an extra dimension to your next camping adventure? Then get yourself an electric mountain bike. Here’s all you need to know, plus our ‘best buy’.

Campsite food

A whole host of recipes to allow you to put on the perfect BBQ.

On all fours

Okay, so the Transporter has a reputation for being able to venture where other commercials can’t – but one with four-wheel drive takes things into a whole new world of fun altogether. We look at VW’s foray into mud-plugging Commercials. vehicles.

Rear view mirror

Remember the Huntsman? We don’t personally, but we’ve a period write-up from someone who does.

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