Pete Morley at Californian Classics has been in touch to tell us about how he made the most of lockdown to re-organise things at the East Sussex-based Karmann Ghia specialist.

“There are now 12 of us working full-time here. We’ve added a 600ft.sq mezzanine to effectively double the size of the shop and doubled the size of the build bay”

“We’ve added a new service in and out area with a full-time guy specialising in local repairs, engine and mechanical work. And for our fabricators, we’ve got a new CNC cutting table, which has allowed us to offer an even bigger range of quality Karmann Ghia repair panels.

“Thanks to our new 3D printer, we’re also offering a lot of new parts for Lowlights that haven’t been available for some time. Things like speaker grilles and door striker parts. You know, real niche stuff that people need but haven’t been able to find until now.” / Tel. 01424 752217