For generations, every member of the family has had a birth certificate. But what about a member of the family that lives in the garage – your Volkswagen? Here’s how you can find out exactly when and how it rolled off the assembly line…

Honestly, do you know the exact production date of your car? Do you know which optional equipment its first owner has ordered? Or which trim cover material you need for the perfect restoration of your classic car? Volkswagen Classic Parts can answer these questions in the form of the Volkswagen Certificates and Data Sheets that are issued on behalf of the Volkswagen Group.
(By the way, this is not only for vintage cars and modern classics, but also for younger models that have been registered at least 15 years ago!)

By means of the vehicle identification number (VIN), the original ex-works condition of almost every Volkswagen model can be found out exactly – regardless whether it was built in 1949, 1989 or 2004. Volkswagen Classic Parts has access to millions of data records from the archives of the Volkswagen Group. Information on nearly all vehicles ever produced by Volkswagen is stored here – on master cards, punched cards, microfilms or in digital form. This documentation is the basis for the detective work: with the aid of old lists, historical brochures, sales programs, pattern cards or fabric samples, Volkswagen Classic Parts decrypts the codes for engine and gearbox, original paintwork, upholstery or optional equipment. That takes some time of course and requires extensive specialist knowledge hence it can take up to 6 weeks between order and delivery of a Volkswagen Certificate or Data Sheet. Not too much time for a document especially made for you which contains useful information on the original condition of your car, right?

What are the options?

  1. The Volkswagen Data Sheet

The Volkswagen Data Sheet features technical data of your car beyond production date and date of delivery, for example measurements and weights or engine specifications.

This documentation can be helpful to request new papers for a classic car or for the first registration of an imported vehicle.

How much? €49.95

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2. The Volkswagen Certificate

The Volkswagen Certificate contains detailed information on the engine/gearbox assembly, colour, interior and optional equipment of your Volkswagen when new.

There is no better info about the original spec of your VW! It helps to restore your classic car or simply enables you to celebrate your car’s birthday. Each Certificate is printed on premium paper and is supplied in a folder.

How much? €75.95

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3. Set Volkswagen Certificate & Data Sheet

Set Volkswagen Certificate & Data Sheet

This is the discounted package deal for both the Certificate and the Data Sheet together… the perfect package for those looking to complete the paper trail!

How much? €99.95

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