Split Bus body / T25 chassis / Porsche 993 bi-turbo engine and technology… the FB1 Race-Taxi has it all!

The Swiss “FB1 Race-Taxi” for sale is a unique vehicle to this day, which got some unique gadgets installed by the builder. With its sensational appearances on race tracks all over Europe and thanks to reports in print, trade and social media all over the world, the Bulli has long since achieved cult status. The project of its builder Fred Bernhard is now for sale. Admittedly, this has its price.

Here is a chance to buy a truly unique vehicle. Bernhard has equipped the former “split-window” bus, built in 1962, with a T3 chassis as well as with the engine and all the technology from Porsche (993 Bi-Turbo).

From 2002 onwards, in six years with around 3,000 working hours and material investments of several tens of thousands of Swiss francs, the idea became reality. Bernhard meticulously documented every step of the six-year development process – illustrated with sketches, material brochures and exploded views. For years after completion, he and his Race-Taxi caused a sensation on race tracks all over Europe and at VW meetings and created a large fan community.

20 years have passed since the start of the project and in the meantime it has become quieter around the duo. After careful consideration, Bernhard now says: “The FB1 Race-Taxi is a genuine racing car, built for the racetracks of this world. It should continue to be used for its intended purpose, namely on the race tracks. That is why I am now selling the vehicle. This is not easy for me, because I have a lot of sweat, a lot of work, a lot of experiences and great friendships with the Race-Taxi.

For further info, contact:

Fred Bernhard  reddog@bluewin.ch

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