The benefits of an elevating roof on your Bay Window are easy to see; head room while you cook, and space for smaller people to sleep come night time. However, when the material gets old and tired, it can really let down your beloved bus at the campsite, no matter how nice your paint and wheels are!

Fear not though, Heritage have stocked their shelves with these top quality canvases manufactured by SSP, and they’ll refresh your roof space perfectly.

Available for front hinged 69-73 Westfalia models, and also for the rear hinged 74-79 Westfalia models, they are produced from a UV resistant fabric to ensure the colour lasts for longer.

Simply pick a shade to suitably contrast with your paintwork; grey and beige if you like subtle; yellow and orange if you prefer to stand out in a crowd!

Cost wise, they’re £349.95 each, and benefit from free UK Delivery.

Find them online at or speak to one of their specialists on 01273 444000, with any questions, or to place an order