In the days before digital display, an analogue clock was a sought after addition to a vehicles dashboard.

Amazingly not every Type 2 came with a timepiece. To some this might symbolize a hippy-esque freedom from the strains of modern life. To others, knowing when lunchtime is will always be welcome when travelling around in a classic campervan.

The good news for current custodians of the Baywindow Camper or Commercial, is the lovely folk at Heritage Parts Centre have an original look clock which will simply slot next to your speedo and compliment your instrument binnacle perfectly.

Of course, you could check your phone… But in the same breath you could also get an Uber and stay in a hotel. This version is true to 75-79 specification with black face and grey hands, but will fit in the earlier vehicles if required.

As the old phrase goes, time is money and in this instance it is £125.95. Listed under part number 211-957-069 they are available to buy online at or alternatively call 01273 444000 and their team will process the order for you.