“Pick Up” one of these VW Commercial Canvases!

 If you are a VW Commercial vehicle owner, then you have loads of choice over what parts you can now use to cover your load bed area, thanks to this new range from NLA VW Parts. So if you own a Split Screen or Bay Window, Single or Dual Cab, you can now have OE spec Hoop Sets, the wood slats to go with the hoop sets, Stock height canvases, Flush to cab roof height canvases, Tonneau Covers, Tonneau cover support bars, Eyelet sets in either brass or aluminium, Zinc plated Eye Plate/Lock Loops and the canvas securing straps.

Two years of development work has gone into these faithfully reproduced parts at affordable prices. All the Heavy Duty Waterproof Cotton Canvases have been reproduced to the same specification as the original canvas including tan colour, style, size and fit, weight and waterproofing. The canvas weighs 760g per square metre and has an efficient waterproof backing which gives it up to 1000mmHg of rain protection.

Price: From £349.50

Check out the full range on the NLA VW website.