Heavy Duty Golf Mk2 / Type25 Tailgate Strut

There is nothing more annoying than lifting open a tailgate, and having it come crashing back down on your head moments later. Either your tailgate struts are past their best, you’ve got a bike rack fitted, or you’re asking just a bit too much of the original. Fortunately VW Heritage are on your side, and have stocked up on Heavy Duty tailgate struts for the Type 25 and Mk2 Golf. Switch from the standard 600nm to this beefier 800nm version and save your bonce from future assaults from above. At £9.95 each, it’s a no brainer! Order now at vwheritage.com quoting part number 251-829-331AHD or give their sales team a call on 01273 444000 they’ll do the rest.