Brand New Type 25 Square Headlamps

Amazing news for owners of Volkswagen Type 25 / T3 / Vanagon models; thanks to the hard work of the product development team at VW Heritage you will be able to light the road ahead of you once again, with brand new square headlamps. These sought after light units have been obsolete from Volkswagen for many years, and have even been the target of theft from owner’s vehicles due to their scarcity.

Supplied as a pair, they come complete with the inner spot lamps and are available for both RHD and LHD models. More great news for owners – the matching grilles have been produced too, with and without badges.

Want to get in on the action? The headlamp kit is £349.50, or they can be bought with your choice of grille as a kit for £509.95. Pick up the phone and give VW Heritage a call on 01273 444000 or look them up online at