Here’s a sneaky peek at a new product we’re sure fans of ’80s-’90s nostalgia and all things B289 are gonna love…

The classic RX exhaust has been out of production for many years hence fans of Nostalgia VWs have been forced to track down second-hand systems, which are incredibly hard to find and, due to the combination of desirability and rarity, it comes as little surprise to learn that the prices can be eye-watering, too.
However, thanks to the hard work of a dedicated crew of UK VW fanatics, you’ll soon be able to purchase a high-quality reproduction RX system! The exhausts are hand made in the UK and the 100% stainless steel construction means they’ll never rust and will look the part for years to come.
Incidentally, if you’re concerned about waking the neighbours, baffle-inserts will also be available for ‘street use’.

Prices are yet to be confirmed but you can find out more about these top-notch, stainless steel RX-style exhaust systems at the Volksworld Show (19-20 March) where the first fitted systems will be on display…!

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