Whether you have a mix match of locks, suffered a break in, or misplaced your key in a moment of absent mindedness, Heritage Parts Centre are on hand to get your T4 secure, and functioning from a single opener once more.

Produced with the ‘Barn Door’ models in mind, this kit includes a new ignition barrel, driver and passenger cab door locks, sliding door lock and rear load door lock. The kit will still work for tailgate models, but the rear hatch lock wouldn’t be useable, as they are of a different design.

Suitable for T4 models produced between 1991 and 1998 without remote central locking or chip operated immobiliser, the set is a snip at £19.95.

To get in on the action simply log on to heritagepartscentre.com and search for 443-898-041/C alternatively, dial 01273 444000 and their team of experts will ensure a parcel arrives a few days later in exchange for your card details.

email: sales@heritagepartscentre.com

Tel: +44 1273 444000