Just Kampers have teamed up with Dynamat, a world leader in automotive sound deadening, to create pre-cut, hassle free kits for your vehicle. They’ve spent countless hours designing and testing these kits, which come already cut to the shape of your Bus. With these kits, each panel will be covered with an optimal amount of Dynamat Xtreme, with no cutting and no guess work!

There are kits for the roof, bulkhead, bonnet, under the seats, doors and floors, as well as different full vehicle kits for your VW Campervan. Get your vehicle covered in no time at all, and enjoy clearer stereo sound and less road noise.

Camper mega pack – without windows:

J42363 – Door and side panels – £109.99

J42356 – All panels bar roof – £599.00

J42355 – All panels – £784.50

Camper mega pack – with windows:

J42361 – Doors and side panels – £149.50

J42354 – All panels bar roof – £449.00

J42353 – All panels – £599.00