Fibre composite glove box (original look)

Original glove boxes were made of pressed cardboard, which is not the highest quality solution, so after a few years this material often lost much of its strength.

If the trunk lid lock is attached to the glove box, you will not be the first to use the grinding tool to open the front trunk, as the entire handle is simply ripped off the cardboard. Volkswagen only solved this problem in 1983 when they introduced glove boxes made from plastic as standard.

If your original cardboard glove box has deterioted to such an extent that you need to replace it and you prefer to keep as close as possible to the original appearance of your VW, these original look glove boxes offered by Paruzzi probably fit the bill. They are made from a fibrous composite material that looks very similar to the original cardboard, but with similar strength to plastic.

All available on the Paruzzi website!

Available for:

Beetles Oct 1952 to July 1957 (prod code 05613)

Beetles Aug 1957 to July 1964 (prod code 05614)

Beetle VW 1200, 1300, 1500 and 1302 from Oct 1967 and later (prod code 05616)

Bus from Oct 1967 to Jul 1979 (product code 20519)