OE Beetle, Ghia & Type 3 Steering Wheel


Not only does your steering wheel direct you and your vehicle, it’s an emotional touch point; a circle of communication between yourself and the mechanical components below the surface. When it comes to replacing the tiller on your pride and joy, VW Heritage understand this concept perfectly. Ask yourself what is the purpose and feeling you want to provoke each time you go for a drive.

Do you want to be racing around a track with increased grip, perforated leather and Italian styling to catch your eye, or do you want to relive a bygone era, and pilot your pride and joy in a way that Volkswagen originally intended? If the latter sounds like you, then check out this glorious remake of the iconic D ring steering wheel by Flat4. Measuring 400mm in diameter, it’s far from a sports wheel; it’ll force you to sit in a certain way, and steer as if it was the sixties and seventies all over again.

Suitable for 62 – 71 Beetle, Karmann Ghia and Type 3 models, it’s also available in black and ivory. Give VW Heritage a call on 01273 444000 with £297.80 to hand, or look them up online at www.vwheritage.com.