Jackery, a company providing clean and green power, has announced its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales of  portable power stations and solar panel…
From November 25th to 29th , there will be a limited time offer on Jackery’s Amazon Store of up to 25% OFF!
If you love exploring the outdoors, then now’s the time to treat yourself. Or, if you know somebody adventurous then a Jackery is the perfect gift option.

What’s Jackery Solar Generator?

A solar generator captures the sun’s energy using solar panels, converts it into electrical power, and then stores this in portable power station for later use. When you combine a Jackery portable station with solar panel, you get exactly that: A Jackery Solar Generator.

A Jackery Solar Generator is a reliable and environmentally sustainable power source for campers, RVers, or as an emergency backup if ever you experience a power outage.

There are multiple Solar Generators options to choose from:

  • Solar Generator 1000:1* Portable Power Station Explorer 1000 + 2* Solar Panels SolarSaga 100
  • Solar Generator 500: 1* Portable Power Station Explorer 500 + 1* Solar Panel SolarSaga 100
  • Solar Generator 240: 1* Portable Power Station Explorer 240 + 1* Solar Panel SolarSaga 100

The portable power stations and solar panel that will be on sale are:

  • Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000 (SAVE 20%)

A fantastic gift choice for people who are not budget-shy and would like to be able to use various types of small applications while outdoors. It can power a blender for 13 hours, a coffee maker for 88 minutes, or a pellet smoker for 50 minutes.

  • Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 500 (SAVE 20%)

A classic model with increased performance. This power station packs a punch, making it perfect for family trips, especially for those who have a baby or teens. Why? Warm a baby bottle while off the grid, or play a movie on the lawn for family time, or host an epic homecoming party at the park. The Explorer 500 may be powerful, but it also remains portable. With basketball-sized features and an easy-carry handle, you can take it just about anywhere.

  • Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 (SAVE 25%)

An entry-level portable power station that is the best-seller on Amazon in its category. The Explorer 240 is ideal for short trips thanks to its lightweight (6.6 lbs), yet powerful capacity. It can charge essential devices such as a phone (24 times), a tablet (5 times), or a drone (4 times), etc., while on the go.

  • Jackery Solar Panel SolarSaga 100 (SAVE 25%)
Featuring two kickstands, the solar panel is easy-to-use and can be placed firmly on any ground surface. Within just a few seconds of setting up, it starts catching energy from the sun for Jackery’s portable power station. The SolarSaga 100 is compatible with Explorer 240/500/1000, making it ideal for off-grid outdoor trips or an unexpected power outage.

The Ultimate Gift for any Outdoor Enthusiast

For your adventure-loving cousins, fly-fishing uncle, or anyone who loves outdoor adventures, Jackery has the gifts that are guaranteed to make them smile.

Don’t miss out on this incredible Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale (up to 25% OFF) on Jackery’s Amazon UK store!