FlatOut Customs are a high-end VW aircooled restoration company. They have manufactured a shortened floor pan for the beach buggy market. So now there is no need to cut and shut the full-size floor pans.

They claim the key benefits are..

  1. The structural integrity is increased because less panels are cut and shut.
  2. The home builder may feel like they can now build a buggy at home.
  3. Each floor pan is reduced by 14 1/4 and 14 1/2 inches. All you need to do is trim to the correct size.

Also – all floor pans are made to an extremely high quality in a factory where several super car panels are manufactured and FlatOut Customs floor pans do not have the wrinkles that many of the other floor pans on the market do. They are super smooth and straight. The floor pans are made in the correct 18 gauge 1.2 mm steel.

All floor pans come in a high-end marine epoxy primer. The benefit of this is all you need to do is touch up the areas which have been either ground off or burnt off whilst welding them in and key the rest of the floor pan with 240 grit sand paper. Then you are ready to apply your choice of final protective coating.

Please contact FlatOut Customs direct for more information or if you have any questions – FlatOut Customs, Unit 5A, Crypton Technology buisness park, Bristol Road, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4SY.

Tel:-07583582059.  Email:-Flatoutcustoms@gmail.com