The new Pro-Flanged Type 1 VW stroker cranks from CB Performance are forged from E4340 chromoly and then CNC machined for larger VW Type 4 main bearings and Chevy 2in rod bearings. Every Pro-Flanged crank is shot peened, micro polished and white nitrided on all the bearing surfaces for ultimate strength and performance. 

Note, any original VW engine case will need to be machined for bearing tangs and the special flanged crank rear main seal before assembly.

How much? $409.95 (84mm stroke p/no. 1130 86mm stroke p/no. 1131)
Matching flywheel: $199.95; rear main oil seal: $29.95; ARP flywheel bolts: $24.95; dowel pins: $10.95; Pro-Flanged main bearings: $199.95