After many years of success with our 044™ CNC Ultra Wedge Port heads it was time to challenge ourselves to make it even better.

Introducing the new 044™ CNC Street Fighter – Developed to dominate street class racing such as the Real Street drag racing class that runs in Southern California’s ‘Drag Day’ and ‘Bug-In’ events.

The 044™ CNC Street Fighter Head is the ultimate in flow and velocity. Flowing over 230 CFM it makes power most race-only heads are capable of! Larger 90cc intake ports allow for extremely high RPM potential & power levels exceeding 240 horsepower on N/A engines.
The port was designed with a smaller intake throat percentage – 89% compared to its predecessor the Ultra Wedge head at 92%. The smaller throat of the Street Fighter increases mid-range power but still retains extremely high RPM power. This broader power band is ideal for heavier cars.

Valve size is 46mm intake and 37.5mm exhaust.
Each Street Fighter head is given a 4 angle valve job – 35 degree top cut 45 degree seat angle 60 degree mid cut and 75 degree lower cut for optimum flow. Each intake valve uses a 30 degree back cut to help increase flow at low and mid valve lifts.

Equipped with our VW-650 Valve Springs along with SuperGrip Single Groove Valve combination and Titanium Retainers which allows lift of up to .630″ with .050 left before coil bind! The Street Fighter is ready to do some damage on the street or strip!

Sold in Pairs – Specify Camshaft & Rockers when ordering