Whether you want to re-live past adventures, plan future travels or just create a version of your own Campervan, you’ll love this new, officially licensed by VW, Lego Bay Window. A clever update of the popular Split Screen Camper set, it’ll appeal to kids, adults and collectors alike…

We love all the cool design details Lego has packed into this Bus, including the canvas pop-top, sliding side door, spare wheel, and even things like the realistic cab steps, bumpers and tail lights.

Look inside and you’ll find a full camping interior with a well-stocked fridge, textile curtains and tea making facilities.

The model comes with two folding chairs, a surfboard and some rather Hackneyed flower power stickers, though we won’t be putting those on ours!

The Lego Bay Window Camper is 35cms long and makes a great display or play model. We love it.

How much? £149.99 (set number 10279)

Where from: www.lego.com