Let me run a phrase by you: ‘Pocket Money Mods’. I’ll elaborate. These trinkets and trick bits will cost you less than a round of beers, they’re never gonna win you a show trophy, but they will make you stand back and go “yeah, that’s better.”

Heritage Parts Centre have let us know about a couple of parts that fit the Pocket Money Mods ethos perfectly. These LED License Plate Lamps are the perfect upgrade for those watching the pounds and will add a certain something to the back of your van or bus, without busting the bank.

Supplied as a set, Heritage can supply both T4 and T5 versions for the princely sum of £9.95 each. They can be found online at HeritagePartsCentre.com using part numbers WC998T401 and WC998T501 respectively, alternatively pick up the Batphone and dial 01273 444000 and their team of van-lovers will hook you up.

email: sales@heritagepartscentre.com