After 30 years in the VW scene and as dedicated VW owners themselves, the team at JK has always been invested in responding to its customers’ needs. Having noticed, (through painful personal experience and conversations with many of you), that there was a need for dedicated VW financing products, they’ve decided to do something about it.

From the outset their aim was to offer financial products that were fair.  Beyond this to develop products that recognise the vehicles you actually want to buy, as well as what you want to do with them. 

Whether it’s a stunning classic or the most up to date all singing all dancing fully converted T6; up until now prospective owners may have found that there weren’t any dedicated finance options to help the dream become a reality.  The issues have historically been a general lack of knowledge and understanding of specific VW vehicle types and their values.  Products typically have been laden with hidden fees, excessive terms and conditions, and high APR interest rates.

Just Kampers Finance have addressed these issues and can now offer a wide range of financial products specially designed to meet an individual customer’s needs. Whether it’s buying an air-cooled VW from a dealer or private seller; undertaking a dream conversion; or restoring a classic to its former glory there’s now a low-cost and simple solution just a phone call away.

The best bit is that you will be dealing with people who really understand the vehicles and your vision, and who can tailor a product to suit your needs.

With options available for both individuals and businesses alike, with deposits as low as 10% and lending anything from £10,000 upwards, you might be waiting for a downside – like a massive APR? There’s good news there too! With no brokers inflating the interest rates they’re keeping APR rates low too.

Owning your dream VW just became a real possibility.

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