Have you lost your bottle yet?! Blaze Cut Fire Extinguishers.

Older cars and buses sadly seem to attract fires; whether it’s through bad luck or lack of maintenance it’s a very real hazard for us enthusiasts to live with. This is something Heritage Parts Centre are acutely aware of, which is why they have sourced and stocked up on this awesome bit of kit by Blaze Cut. After spending your hard earned buying or restoring your vehicle the last thing you want is for flames to engulf it, and render it nothing more than a wreck.

Automated fire extinguisher systems are nothing new, in fact there’s a host of options available; but what sets this apart from others is the lack of bottle! Clever, eh?! The pressurised tube is thicker than some trace systems, but as a canister is no longer required it’s much easier to attach to an engine lid or bonnet. Installation takes only a matter of minutes using cable ties, and the system can stay in place for up to 10 years, completely maintenance free. Should the worst happen the tube will melt discharging a clean extinguishing agent, putting out the fire and saving your cherished vehicle from a toasting.

Available in a 2m length priced at £175 and a 3m long version for £190 (which is more suited to larger engine bays)  you can find them online at www.heritagepartscentre.com or order via the telephone with one of their specialists on 01273 444000.