Not every enthusiast wants to relocate their coil in the engine bay, but if you do the frustration of the cable not being long enough is all too familiar.

Fortunately, help is on hand from the good guys at Heritage Parts Centre.

As part of their UK made FORST range Heritage now offer sets of OE quality leads in 7mm black copper cored silicone, and 8mm Ferroflex cable with a choice of yellow, black, blue and red as a performance option.

The high performance Ferroflex core cables are engineered to last longer with better flexibility, minimum voltage loss, and maximum spark efficiency.

Not only will the 550mm coil wire allow for relocation, it comes supplied with an additional connector should you wish to shorten it for a neater finish.

Prices start at £35.95 for the 7mm cables, and £49.95 for the 8mm version.

Jump on the phone to Heritage by dialling 01273 444000 or look them up online at