Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulators and Filters from JK

New Products

Malpassi Fuel Pressure Regulators and Fuel Filters are now available at Just Kampers.

Fitted as standard to many vehicles during the ’60s & 70’s such as Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and Ford. Malpassi’s unique design and innovation are regarded as the go-to brand for Fuel Pressure Regulation and Filtration for carburettor applications in the marketplace today.

Malpassi Petrol King Pressure Regulator –

J43491 – £58.50

Malpassi 67mm Filter King Pressure Regulator  –

J43484 – £64.95

Malpassi 85mm Filter King Pressure Regulator –

J43490 – £76.45

Malpassi Filter King Mounting Bracket –

J43486 – £7.45

Replacement Malpassi Paper Elements :

67mm – J43485 – £4.85 –

85mm – J43492 – £8.70 –

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