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Wayne’s World

When Wayne Murray picked up this rare ’72 Double Cab Pick-Up Bay as an unfinished project, he knew nothing of the headaches he’d encounter. Still, it’s all turned out very well indeed…

Altitude adjustment

Claiming anything is the first, best, lowest, whatever in the world is dangerous, but we’re going to stick our necks out here and say that Rick Guy built the lowest T5 4Motion in the world (well, for a while, at least…). Here’s the story

Emotional rescue

This ex-military ambulance was saved, restored and bought back to health with a little TLC and now looks and sounds a whole lot better than any factory-built version ever did

Canada dry

When Katie Pritchard and Stephen Stranney arrived in Canada on a two-year work visa, they went out and purchased a Bay Window Camper. To say it’s been a journey of exploration is an understatement

In for the long haul

It may have a show-winning finish, but Zak Churchill’s ’65 Splittie has been built to be used

Spokey dokey

With its bespoke camping interior and bike storage setup courtesy of T-Spoke in Bristol, this highly-specced T5.1 4Motion is the dream escape vehicle for Dave Tanner and his family

A bit of all Wight

With over half the Island designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, miles of coastline and a range of attractions to visit, the Isle of Wight is the perfect all-year destination for you and your Bus

Bristol VolksFest

It was all downpours, Dubs and lots of mud at this year’s West Country shindig. We report on the highlights

Our Buses

Ian tackles some of the iffy bits of bodywork on his T25 before the worst of the winter weather sets in

Holy Fuchs

How the iconic wheel design came into existence and jumped ship from Porsche to be the must-have rim for classic air-cooled Buses. It makes fascinating reading

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