Ian Cushway and VolksWorld magazine


And it’s hello from me…

First published in 1987, VolksWorld has always been the must-read publication for air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiasts. It’s been there, marking the changes, since the heady days of the first Cal-Look Beetles, right through to the latest trend for Patina and patched up paintwork. Throughout, it’s been written by a team of scene experts who share a real passion for the cars and have the knowledge, experience and a true enthusiasm which filters through each issue to our readers.

Yes, it’s only air-cooled VWs – but with that remit we’re able to include a whole range of feature cars from highly modified monster engined drag strip warriors to meticulously restored stock specification or sympathetically tweaked Beetles, Buses and Type 3s. And we’re not impartial to the occasional rarity, either; previous issues of VolksWorld have included everything from Hebmüller Roadsters to virtually unique coachbuilt specials.

All the time, we’re out and about at shows, talking to specialists and reaching out to our worldwide contacts in our relentless quest to bring readers the very best cars that exist anywhere in the world.

Now, we are quite aware that while we are all in need of a bit of inspiration sometimes, there’s some hand-holding to do too for those wanting to maintain and modify these cars themselves. That’s why every issue is brimming with practical hands-on advice as well as regular updates on what we’re getting done on our own air-cooled projects. Warts ‘n’ all…

That’s enough about the mag but what about me, the man at the wheel steering the whole thing? Well, appropriately, I got into VWs at the tender age of three, when my parents took me to one of the first UK VW conventions at Woburn in 1967. Since then I’ve owned just about every air-cooled VW made, including Karmann Ghias, Convertible Beetles and Type 3 Fastbacks. Yes, I know, that makes me pretty ancient by now, but that doesn’t stop me having fun with my current VW – a ’68 1500 Beetle. I bought it a couple of years ago and despite having a ‘to do’ job list which somehow keeps getting longer, I am loving every moment of classic air-cooled VW ownership.

So, let it be said that running an air-cooled Volkswagen is a real privilege, exceeded only by the sheer pride I have editing VolksWorld. Why not buy the mag, subscribe and enjoy the whole classic VW experience with us…

Ian Cushway

Editor - VolksWorld