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Paul Knight, Editor - VolksWorld

First published in 1987, VolksWorld has always been the must-read publication for air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiasts. Throughout this time, it’s been written by a team of scene experts who share a real passion for the cars and have the knowledge, experience and a true enthusiasm, which filters through each issue to our readers.

Yes, it’s only air-cooled VWs – but with that remit we’re able to include a whole range of feature cars from highly modified monster engined drag strip warriors to meticulously restored stock specification or sympathetically tweaked Beetles, Buses, Ghias and Type 3s. And we’re not impartial to the occasional rarity, either; previous issues of VolksWorld have included everything from Hebmüller Roadsters to virtually unique coachbuilt specials.

All the time, we’re out and about at shows, talking to specialists and reaching out to our worldwide contacts in our relentless quest to bring readers the very best cars that exist anywhere in the world.

Now, we are quite aware that while we are all in need of a bit of inspiration sometimes, there’s some hand-holding to do too for those wanting to maintain and modify these cars themselves. That’s why every issue is brimming with practical hands-on advice as well as regular updates on what we’re getting done on our own air-cooled projects. Warts ‘n’ all…

Getting the band back together

But that’s enough about the content – what about the man behind the wheel?
As I’m sure some of you will know, it’s certainly not my first Volksworld rodeo. To recap, I started my editorial career around two decades ago as staff writer on this very magazine. From there, I went on to launch Ultra VW, which I edited for 15 years, before spending the past few years contributing to VolksWorld and a few other VW & Porsche titles and editing VWt magazine.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learnt over the years, it’s that it takes a skilled and talented team to produce a great magazine. Hence my first priority on VolksWorld was to gather what I consider to be an all-star cast of VW scene writers, photographers and experts. It was like getting the band back together in some senses as I knew the guys that worked with me on Ultra VW (Dokke Sahertian and Stephan Szantai) were made of the right stuff, but why stop there? Next up, the man that launched VolksWorld (and co-launched Ultra VW), wrote the ‘Cal Look Bible’ and helped forge the VW scene we know and love today. Keith Seume has kindly agreed to join the ‘dream team’ of contributors, along with two other ex-VolksWorld editors, James Peene and Ivan McCutcheon.

My break at VolksWorld came about when long-term staffer, Mike Pye, announced he was heading off to explore South America (circa 2000/’01). Fast forward to 2018 and, to my surprise, Mike and I ended up working together at VWt magazine. It was great to be working with a fellow VW enthusiast again and it goes without saying that Mike was the first person I asked to come on board at VolksWorld. In fact, I couldn’t think of a more knowledgeable or skilled sub editor.

Also joining the team is perhaps the most respected VW toys and collectibles guru in the world, Bob Gilmore and let’s not forget some familiar faces such as Richard Gunn, who will continue to cover the historical side of things, and published author, Mark Walker, who’s tech tales have graced these pages for some time now.

When you add on the extended family of photographers and contributors (not to mention those I’ve missed or forgotten) and those that will be joining the team over the coming moths, I think you’ll agree that we have quite a star studded line-up of VW journalists, authors, snappers, historical experts and experienced mechanics on board, and I hope you’ll enjoy everything we have in store for you in the future.

Ian Cushway, Editor - VW Camper&Bus

Hello, and thanks for checking out VW Camper&Bus magazine, the go-to publication for people with a passion for VW Campers.

VW Camper&Bus magazine was born in 2007 and is published 13 times a year. It’s the best-selling magazine dedicated to VW Transporters and covers all generations of VW Buses from 1949 right up until today’s modern, water-cooled offerings.

Each and every issue is jam-packed with inspirational owner stories, as well as buying guides, product reviews and practical how-to advice which will enable you to keep your van in tip-top condition and equipped with the most useful accessories. Oh, and we’ll tell you where you can go in your VW camper, courtesy of reader roadtrips and tourist guides to the most beautiful parts of the UK and beyond.

As with any old VW, it’s not just about the vehicles. It’s about the scene that surrounds it. The people who own them, work on them for a living, sell parts and attend the hundreds of shows. Once you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of VW ownership, there’s no going back, but then you already know that, or you wouldn’t be here reading this…

Of course the VW Camper&Bus crew have been there, done it and got the postcards to prove it. The thing is, without sounding too evangelistic, we know how fun it can be owning and getting away from it all in a VW Transporter, and feel it’s our duty to share that passion through the pages of the magazine. It’s the simple joy of being out and about in a VW Bus, and the fact that in a camper the experience can be shared with the whole family. Take it from us, if you’ve never owned a Camper, you don’t know what you’re missing!

We’re always looking for cool stuff to feature, be it a new product you’ve made, a sweet Bus you’d love to see featured or a cool trip you’ve taken in your Camper. Simply fire an email to me at camperandbus.ed@kelsey.co.uk and I’ll get right back to you.

Go on, drive your adventure.

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